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Tracerline – Leak Detection Lamps and Kits

Leak Detection Lamps and Kits

Simply add a small amount of fluorescent dye to a vehicle’s A/C or fluid system and allow it to circulate. The dye escapes with the system’s refrigerant or fluid and remains at all leak sites. When the system is scanned with a Tracerline® ultraviolet or blue inspection lamp, the dye fluoresces a brilliant yello-green to pinpoint the exact source of every leak. We provide a number of kits to assist with this process.

Leak Detection Lamps and Kits

  • Cordless LED Lamps and Kits
  • 12­Volt, Corded Lamps and Kits
  • Kits for the Heavy Duty Market
  • Corded UV Lamps and Kits

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