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Thermafix – Heat Shrink Products and Tools

Heat Shrink Products & Tools

Merithian Products offers a wide variety of heat shrink products and tools to meet every need. Thermafix® brand heat shrinkable tubing is a high quality polyolefin heat shrink, and is available in both single and dual wall (adhesive­lined) tubing, as well as heavy duty & self sealing. Our entire heat shrink line is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and pack sizes. We also offer custom printed and cut tubing and the heating tools required to get the job done.

Heat Shrink Products & Tools

  • Single Wall Tubing
  • Dual Wall Tubing
    • Thermafix Plus™
    • Thermafix DWP™
  • Heavy Duty & Self-Sealing Tubing
    • Thermafix ST™
    • Custom Cut & Printed Thermafix®
    • Specialty Heat Shrink Products
    • Thermafix 3X™
    • Thermafix DC™
    • Thermafix Kynar™
    • Thermafix Adhesive™
  • Thermafix SolderSplice™
  • Thermafix Crimp™
  • Heat Shrink Assortments
  • Heating Tools

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