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Black & Decker – Power Inverters

Battery Chargers

Power inverters convert your vehicle’s DC power to AC (household) power. Some models come with an adapter that plugs into the DC accessory outlet (cigarette lighter) of the car or truck. Using this adapter you can pull up to 90 watts which is ideal for small electronics. Other models include clips that allow you to connect directly to the battery. This attachment method is ideal for camping or as a power supply on the job site.

  • Mobile Personal
  • Electronics Charger
  • Electronics Power
  • Inverter–90W
  • Automotive Power
  • Inverter–500W
  • Automotive
  • Power Inverter–800W

USB Convenience

  • On the road USB power converts vehicle battery power to USB power
  • Easily power and recharge MP3 players, cell phones, smart phones and more!

Standard Features

  • Low battery protection warns against vehicle battery drain
  • USB or AC outlets or both (varies by model)
  • Includes battery clips or cables as required